rsz_13735128_10154073092183113_2807419811697293251_oI am currently Postdoctoral Fellow in Urban Studies at Yale-NUS College. I completed my DPhil at the School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, as a recipient of the Oxford Clarendon Fund and St Peter’s Diggle Scholarship. I received my Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours, 1st class) with a major in Geography and minor in Gender Studies in 2010, and my Master of Social Sciences in 2012, from the National University of Singapore.

My research interests lie across the broad themes of global education, im/mobilities, and youth in East and Southeast Asian cities. Theories of cultural (re)production, biopolitical governmentality, everyday practices, and embodiment animate my scholarly endeavour: thinking and writing against the grain. The formation of subjectivity in relation to gender, class, and age has been a key agenda on my research inquiry. Both my past and current projects focus on Singapore as a lens to examine transnational marriage and familyhood, student migration and identities, and more recently, education and youth citizenship. Presently, I am interested in the role that young people and education play in new modes of urban governance and (vernacular) cultural politics, using ‘youth’ as a potential site for theorising social reproduction and transformation. In terms of research practices, I am particularly keen on critical methodologies and the use of qualitative ethnographic methods as a central tool for interpreting social life.

My current research examines educational change, citizenship,  and youth urbanisms in Asian cities. This unfolds through ongoing projects on (i) liberal arts experiments in Asia and youth citizenship, (ii) young people’s temporary work across Asian cities, and (iii) studentification and off-campus housing in Singapore.

At Yale-NUS College, I teach in the courses ‘Youth Urbanisms‘, ‘Introduction to Urban Studies’, and ‘Methods in Social Sciences‘. I am also offering ‘Social Life of Cities‘ (TBC).

Within wider NUS ecology, I am an Associate with the Migration Cluster, Asia Research Institute, NUS where I work with cluster members and contribute to research activities:


Research Strands:

  • Youth urbanisms and im/mobilities: how are young people implicated in new modes of urban governance/politics?
  • Higher education and youth citizenship: how is higher education (re)constituting youth?
  • International student mobilities: how do student migrants make sense of their identities?
  • Transnational families, marriage, and gender: how are transnational practices holding and altering the ‘family’?

See my contribution to scholarship at:
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