I am currently Research Fellow at Asia Research Institute (ARI), National University of Singapore. Prior to this, I was Postdoctoral Fellow in the Division of Social Sciences at Yale-NUS College between 2017 and 2019. During this time, I was also an Associate of the Asian Migration Cluster at ARI. I completed a DPhil at the School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, as a recipient of the Oxford Clarendon and St Peter’s Diggle Scholarship. I received a Master of Social Sciences in 2012 and a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours, 1st class) with a major in Geography and minor in Gender Studies in 2010, both from the National University of Singapore.

Research | My research focus cuts across global education, youth, and migration/mobilities in and of Asian cities, as part of a wider inquiry into how knowledge production shapes – and is shaped by – the politics of mobility. Informed by this set of research and theoretical interests, my current scholarship attends to the implications of higher education change on young people’s citizenship and their experiences of mobility and immobility. In terms of research methodology, I am particularly keen on the use of qualitative ethnographic methods as a central tool for interpreting social and cultural life, which can be complemented with quantitative methods.

My research is empirically driven in that it aims to capture how youth, mobility, and education are interlinked and shaping each other from actual situations, with a regional focus on East and Southeast Asia. It is theoretically informed by ongoing debates within and beyond the scholarship on the geographies of education, young people, and migration/mobilities. It also contributes to established theories, often through nuancing and complicating them.

Teaching | As an educator, I take student learning as a vital process in the University, not only in the formation of knowledge and skills but also of character and identity. This is guided by three pedagogical strivings that underpin my teaching – intellectual mastery, experiential education, and collaborative learning.

At Yale-NUS College, I developed collaboratively and independently as well as taught the following courses: Youth Urbanisms, Introduction to Urban Studies, and Methods in the Social Sciences (Qualitative).

Research Strands:

  • International student and youth mobilities
  • Higher education and globalisation
  • Youth citizenship and politics

See my contribution to scholarship at:

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