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9781440852442.JPG Cheng, YE and Wong, WM (forthcoming) Teen lives in Singapore, in Wells, K. (ed) Teen Lives Around the World. Santa Barbara, ABC-CLIO.
9789811301933 Yang, PD and Cheng, YE (2018) Educational mobility and transnationalization, in Gleason, N. (ed) Higher Education in the Era of Fourth Industrial Revolution. Singapore: Palgrave. [open access]
Image result for Labouring and Learning,Geographies of Children and Young People Cheng, YE (2016) Learning to labour in Singapore: cultural politics of education and human capital formation, in  Tatek, A. and Waters, J. (eds) Labouring and Learning, Vol. 10 of Skelton, T. (ed) Geographies of Children and Young People, Singapore, Springer.
Image result for handbook of gender and development Yeoh, BSA; Huang, S and Cheng, YE (2015) Transnational domestic work and the politics of development, in Coles, A.; Gray, L. and Momsen, J. (eds) The Routledge Handbook of Gender and Development, London, Routledge, pp. 298-308.
48910414-81b6-4167-ab18-8c407ce83e2c_1.495f3f76ba9395bcf07f41b28b0cf62c.jpg Yeoh, BSA and Cheng, YE (2013) Singapore: from post-colonial plural society to globalizing city-state, in P. Spoonley and E. Tolley (eds) Diverse Nations, Diverse Responses: Approaches to Social Cohesion in Immigrant Societies, Canada, McGill-Queen’s University Press, pp. 193-214.
Image result for Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration Yeoh, BSA and Cheng, YE (2013) Family migration, in I. Ness and P. Bellwood (eds) Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration, US, Wiley-Blackwell.



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Youth Politics in Urban Asia: special issue proposal to Space and Polity (with Sonia Lam-Knott), accepted.

Urban custodians and hospitable citizens: Youth citizenship and social actions at two liberal arts universities in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Liberal arts education travels to Asia: pedagogic dissonance and the making of the educated person (with Jane M. Jacobs)