Journal Reviewer

Critical Studies in Education (Oct 2015; Apr 2016; Oct 2016; Dec 2016; Feb 2018); Children’s Geographies (Apr 2016); Children, Youth, Environments (Aug 2016); Emotion, Space & Society (Jul 2016); Gender, Place, and Culture (Sept 2015; Jan 2016); Geoforum (Aug 2016; Apr 2018); Global Networks (Aug, 2017); Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (Jan 2016); Journal of Intercultural Studies (May 2018); Mobilities (Feb 2018); Space and Culture (Mar 2017); Social & Cultural Geography (Nov 2017)


Session Convener (2017) | Association of American Geographers, Boston | Organized and chair session (with Mark Holton) on ‘Theorizing citizenship in higher education: students as agents of change?’, Boston, April 2017

Organizer (2016) | Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore | Collaborated in organizing workshop on ‘Youth Mobilities and Immobilities in Asia-Pacific Region’ (with Shanthi Robertson and Brenda Yeoh), Singapore, 7-8 November 2016

Panel Chairperson (2016) | Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore | Chaired a panel at conference ‘Children, Family and Migration in East Asia’, Singapore, 7-8 July 2016 [invited]

Panel Chairperson (2014) | Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore | Chaired a panel at workshop ‘Encountering Urban Diversity in Asia: Class and other Intersections’, Singapore, 15-16 May 2014 [invited]

Organizing Team (2012 – 2013) | Project Southeast Asia, University of Oxford | Organized 2nd Annual SEA Studies Symposium, Oxford, 9-10 March 2013; Assist in Website and Communication

Session Volunteer (2012) | Population Geography Research Group, RGS-IBG | Note taker for session on Lifecourse/Family Migration at Britain on the Move: A Migration Conference, RGS-IBG Headquarters, London, 17-18 Dec 2012

Session Convener (2012) | Association of American Geographers, New York | Organized and chair session (with Dr Tracey Skelton) on ‘Critical Geographies of Young People: Globalization, Space and Time’, New York, 24-28 Feb 2012; Select of abstracts for panels

Organizing Committee (2012) | Migration Cluster, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS | Headed and organized Pacific Worlds in Motion IV Graduate Conference, a joint effort by National University of Singapore, University of British Columbia, Metropolitan British Columbia, Singapore, 20-21 Feb 2012; head Abstract Selection Committee

Reading Groups

Global Youth Reading Group (present) | School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford | Active member

Migration Cluster Reading Group Graduate Coordinator (Aug 2010 – Feb 2011) | Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS | Plan reading group schedule by seeking speakers and presenters, chairing selected group sessions, and leading selected discussions on key journal articles relevant to migration studies

Social & Cultural Geography Reading Group (2010 – 2012) | Member Department of Geography, NUS | Active member; initiated sub-group ‘TimeSpace Reading Group’ for more focused discussion on the concept of ‘time-space’ and geographies of time/temporality


Graduate Student Representative (2011 – 2012) | Department of Geography, NUS | Represent graduate students from department at the Faculty level meetings, voicing concerns and queries to Division of Research and Graduate Studies

Ethical Review Committee Graduate Member (2010 & 2012) | Department of Geography, NUS | Review and evaluate ethical review checklist and research proposals submitted by undergraduate students who are working with human subjects

Geography Hire Assessment Graduate Representative (2011) | Department of Geography, NUS | Evaluation of applicants for teaching positions in department under the Politics, Economies, And Space cluster

Community Involvement

Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) | An advocacy non-governmental society for migrant workers’ welfare in Singapore :: Volunteer Ambassador for Day Off Campaign 2008 for foreign domestic workers; TWC2 Day School, a Public Education Workshop on Advocating Migrants’ Rights; Research on Ministry of Manpower’s Temporary Job Scheme for Foreign Workers